PennFleet Joins SBN

In March of 2018, Pennfleet joined the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN). The network is made up of independent, locally owned businesses, farms, organizations, and community leaders who are committed to the Philadelphia region and its quality of life.

SBN Members receive and create value by participating in networking and educational events and volunteering their time and talents to achieving our shared vision.

SBN members:

  • Are committed to the local economy, the environment, and Philadelphia’s diverse communities
  • Promote products and services through SBN networks and collaborations to reach new and ready consumers of sustainable products and services while keeping business costs to a minimum
  • Benefit from SBN research, legislative victories and initiatives for sustainable businesses
  • Receive business support, like health care plan options, educational events, and business consulting services
  • Support other local businesses that reflect their values and concerns, making sure our region – our place – doesn’t become just any place

If you operate a business in the Greater Philly area, we invite you to join us as part of the SBN Business Network.