1999-2010 F-Series Super Duty Cross-Member Set

The cross-members here that are shown painted in yellow to highlight the details and show the correct fit.

F-Series Super Duty cross members

Do you have a 1999-2010 F-Series Super Duty with rotted out bed floor cross-members? Now you don’t have to turn to the Ford dealer for a complete floor! We were the first to offer Ford F-Series Super Duty bed floor cross-members, and we’re still the best choice for quality. Our cross members are made of high grade steel that are two gauges thicker than the originals and fabricated to the exact original factory specifications. They require bed removal, cutting and welding to install, so professional installation is recommended. If you are a local buyer of the Tri-County Philadelphia area, please contact us about an installation estimate. These cross-members are built to order. They take a minimum of three business days to build, and up to five days to ship out.

The four center bed floor cross-members are sold as a set. Front and rear cross members are not included but are available for purchase.

NOTE: These are for the SUPER DUTY trucks only; These products do not fit regular F-Series trucks!